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Homeowners Taking Legal Action Over Pickleball Noise

Jaye Gleyzal, a resident of the Sea Cliff gated community in Carlsbad, expresses her distress over the noise from pickleball games played near her home. Despite the sport’s growing popularity in America, many residents living close to pickleball courts are finding the noise disruptive. The rapid “POP, POP, POP” sounds from the game have led to numerous legal actions, with some even seeking bans on pickleball in certain locations. Gleyzal herself has taken her homeowners association to court, seeking damages for the distress caused by the noise.

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Professional Pickleball’s Civil War: A Battle for Players and Profits

The world of professional pickleball is witnessing a fierce battle between the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) and Major League Pickleball (MLP). MLP has been offering lucrative exclusivity contracts to top players, causing a stir in the community. The sudden bidding war has led to significant financial gains for players, but the sport’s future remains uncertain. As the competition intensifies, the question arises: Is the financial security of the players worth the chaos in the sport?

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San Francisco Resident’s Quest to Close Public Pickleball Courts

Wealthy residents near public pickleball courts in San Francisco’s Presidio are campaigning to have them closed, citing noise disruptions and potential property value drops. Interestingly, one of the petitioners, Holly Peterson, has her own private pickleball court at her mansion. The online petition has garnered attention, especially after revelations about Peterson’s private court, leading to debates about public spaces and recreational activities.

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